Everything is from the idea of selling “things”
To the idea of selling “Koto”

In the past, Japan was said to have been good at producing good things at low cost and in large quantities, but now it is most important to consider what creates value for customers and what makes them.
In other words, it is natural that we “make good things”, but we will always carry out research and development from various viewpoints under our watchword “Product creation that makes consumers happy”.





We imagine a world standard originating
from HONGO Co., Ltd. and universalization
of the peace of mind safe and healthy life.




We will continue to stick to “0”.
The world is a matter of course is
no longer become commonplace era.
We always look back at “0” (the origin).




We will review our customers'
“physical condition”, “under the weather” and “feel bad”.




Unless people lose health awareness and
commitment to beauty,We continue to evolve along
with everyone of the consumer.




Eternal development



HONGO's mission is to
“pursue health and beauty”.

HONGO sends products to the supplement market and the cosmetics market. We are conducting scientific research on Japanese constitution and developing innovative products such as functional nutritional foods, health supplements, cosmetics products, and hair care products. We conduct joint research with each research institution to develop unique products that are one step ahead of market needs.
In addition, we work with specialists who are familiar with supplements and specialists such as dietitians to apply their knowledge and know-how to product development. Then, every employee is always made to the customer's point of view, will be happy to provide you with wonderful items to "additional value" to the keyword.



As long as people do not lose their pursuit of beauty and health, we will continue to research and develop day and night through the “HONGO brand”.

HONGO Co., Ltd. has been developing products that put “Health & Beauty” first in all life stages and around the world. Therefore, we focused on “0 base”.Can everyone apply “0 base” for our health promotion and anti-aging? In recent years, blood cholesterol and blood pressure tend to be high in Japan as westernized diets . If you thought the health promotion, the situation that we are suffering from these diseases, not be called a "0-based". In other words, we believe that “0 base” means that we can live a normal life and have healthy days. Not only contribute to creating a living environment that can be “0” by providing supplements and cosmetics, but also “health products” and “health building” that can change from “0” to “1”. We will continue to support you.

CEOSatoshi Murata




New initiatives for industry-academia-medicine collaboration

HONGO Co., Ltd. is engaged in various industry-academia-government collaboration projects with highly researched and developed research institutions such as universities and local public institutions.. We are also engaged in joint research to develop supplements in new fields from the viewpoint of raw materials and formulation.

Safety and security and
high-quality domestic production

I cooperate with healthy specialists with technical knowledge.
The high-quality goods which answer customer's needs have been developed.

Selection of carefully selected raw materials

Selection of carefully selected raw materials

We use highly reliable raw materials such as analysis and traceability, with safety and safety first. The combination of materials is selected based on the characteristics of raw materials.

Production in the GMP authorization factory

Production in the GMP authorization factory

This is one of the leading partner factories in Japan equipped with high technology and abundant equipment, including GMP certified factories, and manufactures quality and safety first under thorough management.

Thorough quality supremacy

Thorough of "Quality First"

We are committed to manufacturing foods that are truly safe, such as safety, reliability, and cleanliness, and we are thoroughly striving to “Quality First” from various angles so that the highest quality can be delivered to our customers.

Product production without the compromise

Product production without the compromise

We are sure of the safety and quality retention of the product by an acceleration test of the severe conditions. Only safe products that pass this test will be delivered to you as products.

Consultants doc Nobuyuki Murakamitor Image
Consultants doc Nobuyuki Murakamitor
Bring out the body's natural healing abilities
At the medical office which is a university hospital from university graduation later, clinical, I studied and participated in education, while continuing it, I notice an inconsistent point of methodology of present-day medicine and retire.It's Hollis tic medicine after I retire, clinical, I was keeping pursuing.
Hollis tic is the meaning such as "being comprehensive" "of the whole".
Hollis tic medical care is the medical care which considers health from an overall viewpoint widely.
Destroying physical condition and only when becoming wrong, not to depend on only medicine and treat it, but various phenomena are judged overall and Mr. patient is chosen as the healing ability.
I'm thinking it's important to maintain health.

Consultants doctor Nobuyuki Murakami.
Qualification Academic meeting member.
Medical license certificate/MD number/Japanese spirit neurology meeting/Japanese Onsen climate physical medical society/hot spring therapy medicine
Brief summary of career
March Tokyo Medical College in 1978 Graduation/April Tokyo Medical College psychiatry classroom entrance in 1978/
May Tokyo Medical College in 1979 An assistant/a September Tokyo Medical College high nursing school part-time lecturer in 1983/
An October Medical Corporation Kimura hospital in 1987 Duties/October Tokyo Medical College in 1989 Visiting member instructors/
February Hollis tic health research center establishment in 1990/November Murakami clinic establishment in 1993/March HOROSU Matsudo clinic establishment in 1998