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Chitosan is a refined chitin contained in crustacean shells such as crabs and is an animal dietary fiber. Recently, besides being used as a health food, chitosan is widely used in cosmetics, medical products, agriculture, and other fields. This product is a soft capsule that is purified and concentrated from snow crab-derived chitosan and easy to drink. Please enjoy with your family.

The amount of contents

183.6g (510mg × 360 capsules)

Country of origin



Nutritional functional food

Raw material

Safflower oilGinseng extract powderVitamin E-containing vegetable oil / gelatinchitosan (derived from crab)glycerinlecithin (derived from soybean)glycerin fatty acid esterbeeswaxvitamin C

Included allergic substance

Crab, gelatin, soybean

Preservation method

Please store away from direct sunlight, hot and humid.

Nutrient composition information

Per 2040mg of 4 capsules
Energy: 11.93kcal / Protein: 0.71g / Lipid: 0.83g / Carbohydrate: 0.4g / Salt equivalent: 0.0006g / Vitamin C: 38.76g / Vitamin E: 2.98g
(Remarks: Percentage of nutrients contained in the recommended daily intake per day is the ratio of nutrients and other indication standard values ​​(18 years old over, standard calorie value 2,200kcal) (Nutrient labeling standard value 2015): Vitamin C (38 %), Vitamin E (47%))

How to eat

As a food, take 4 capsules a day with water. Please observe the recommended daily intake. You should have a balanced diet, based on staple food, main dish and secondary dish.

Handling precautions

  • Consume as soon as possible after opening.
  • Please stop using if you do not meet the quality.
  • Because it uses plant-derived ingredients, there may be some color variation, but there is no problem with quality.

The others

Vitamin C is a nutrient to help maintain healthy skin and mucous membranes by an anti-oxidation action.
Vitamin E is a nutrient that helps to maintain cell health by inhibiting lipid oxidation in the body through antioxidant action.

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