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This product is recommended for troubles such as nourishment, energy enhancement, pregnancy and menstrual pain.

It contains plenty of precious and high quality Peruvian maca. HONGO Co.Ltd. maca contains many types of maca with different effects of black / red / yellow. In addition, because it contains abundant minerals such as iron, calcium, and essential amino acids, it can be used in a wide range of applications, not only for enhancing energy, but also for nourishing tonics and pregnancy activities.
In recent years, the effect of adjusting the hormone balance has been reported, and maca is also used for beauty and stress reduction.

The amount of contents

86.94g (322㎎ × 270 capsules)

Country of origin



Dietary supplement

Raw material

Maca powdergelatinsucrose estervitamin B6

Included allergic substance


Preservation method

Please store away from direct sunlight, hot and humid.

Nutrient composition information

Per 966mg of 3 capsules
Energy: 3.69kcal / protein: 0.27g / fat: 0.05g / carbohydrate: 0.54g / sodium: 0.21mg / vitamin B6: 6mg
(Remarks: Blueberry extract powder 240mg DHA (in fatty acid composition) 121.5mg EPA (in fatty acid composition) 36mg)

How to eat

As a food, take 3 capsules a day with water. Please observe the recommended daily intake. You should have a balanced diet, based on staple food, main dish and secondary dish.

Handling precautions

  • Consume as soon as possible after opening.
  • Please stop using if you do not meet the quality.
  • Because it uses plant-derived ingredients, there may be some color variation, but there is no problem with quality.

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